The Financial Freedom Community Podcast: Personal Finance | Get Out of Debt | Financial Independence | Financial Coaching

Joel Parker from the Financial Freedom Community reveals all of his personal finance knowledge and tips so you can get ahead, pay off your debt, and achieve Financial Freedom. Discover how you can change your life, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and begin to focus on your friends and family. Stop worrying about your finances and begin to focus on your dreams. Whether you want to travel the world or just buy a new TV, Financial Freedom can make it a reality. Although Joel confesses he is not a millionaire, he's been able to pay off his credit card debt, save over $12,000 for emergencies, and create a nice retirement plan. Financial Freedom, retirement, debt reduction, debt management, budgeting, real estate, bankruptcy, car buying and helping you better understand how to change your financial life forever.
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The Financial Freedom Community Podcast: Personal Finance | Get Out of Debt | Financial Independence | Financial Coaching



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Sep 23, 2020

Today we are chatting with Kelsa Dickey.

Kelsa is the Founder and Financial Coach behind Fiscal Fitness Phoenix.

What began as a side hustle for Kelsa over a decade ago has grown into a business that helps hundreds of clients every year gain clarity, purpose and peace of mind with their money.

Four years ago, she decided financial coaches are the key to solving the stress people feel with money so she launched the Financial Coach Academy - a robust training program that teaches future financial coaches how to get great results with their clients.


  • 00:43 - Intro
  • 01:29 - Kelsa's Journey
  • 06:19 - What is financial coaching?
  • 07:41 - Your Emotions and Achieving Financial Freedom
  • 09:26 - Financial Coaching as a Couple
  • 11:03 - The Reality of Financial Coaching
  • 14:11 - Knowing You are Ready for Financial Coaching
  • 18:35 - Types of Financial Coaches
  • 20:49 - What to Expect from Financial Coaching
  • 46:27 - Cost of a Financial Coach/Finding a Financial Coach
  • 58:09 - Contacting Kelsa

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Sep 8, 2020

Today we are hanging out with Dennis LaVoy.

Dennis is CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation (CFP®) and a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) and founder of Telos Financial, a holistic financial planning firm.

Dennis has worked in the financial planning industry since 2008 and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

He lives in Michigan with his wife and two kids


  • 00:45 - Intro
  • 01:35 - Dennis' Journey to Becoming a Certified Financial Professional
  • 03:55 - What is Life Insurance?
  • 04:49 - Types of Life Insurance
  • 08:10 - How Much Coverage Do You Need?
  • 12:14 - The Convertible Feature
  • 15:35 - Life Insurance Health Ratings
  • 16:58 - Who Needs Life Insurance?
  • 22:33 - Does Everyone Need Life Insurance?
  • 23:19 - The Life Insurance Physical
  • 24:56 - Choosing a Term
  • 27:19 - Getting the Best Rates
  • 33:22 - Deciding Which Company
  • 34:30 - Should Spouses Get Identical Plans?
  • 35:44 - Features/Riders to Look Out For
  • 36:45 - Finding Someone to Help You Buy Life Insurance
  • 39:54 - Contacting Dennis

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